Knoxville Home Staging

Staging your home should start with an evaluation by you or an experienced home stager. If you have a close friend who you trust, get their unbiased opinion as to room arrangement, accessories, paint colors and lighting. This is a delicate matter for most of us because we love our “stuff”.

It is also important to remember the outside because curb appeal is crucial as the first step to a sale. Remember to keep the yard well groomed. The house should be power washed if necessary or fresh paint applied where needed. Don’t forget the front porch where quests are greeted and presentation is key to success.

Our office has a Home Evaluation Coordinator who is experienced with room arrangement and accessory placement or elimination. We look at the whole picture and every house is different. Depending on the size of a house, scale definitely is considered. It is always our intent to get top dollar for our home. With this in mind, everything in a room is considered to present a house in its best light.

We at J-Star do it all and get more for your house by proper preparation. Give us a call and we will present your house in star quality!